Mr Magoo (Mango) Joins the Flock

1/23/20241 min read

We're excited to introduce the newest member of our flock - Mr Magoo (Mango), a 25-year-old Moluccan Cockatoo! Mango has recently joined our flock, bringing a burst of energy and excitement to our house. Let us tell you a little bit about our new feathery friend and how he has settled into his new home.

About Mango

Mango is a stunning Moluccan Cockatoo with a vibrant plumage, an expressive crest and inquisitive eyes. Mango is a bit smaller than Max, but his personality shines through.

Mango spent the first 25 years of his live with truely wonderful people who care a lot about him. As they are getting older it's time for him to settle in with a new flock. Because momager Nicole is friends with Mango's original family, we plan to stay in close touch.

Settling In

Mango has settled in and made friends with the entire flock, curious to explore his surroundings (including a Houdini-inspired cage break), and eager to engage with his new feathered companions.

Moving to a new environment can be a big adjustment for any bird, but Mango has adapted remarkably well. Cockatoos are known for their social nature, and Mango is no exception. He loves interacting with his fellow avian friends, engaging in playful banter, engaging with the flock, and trying new toys, activites and snacks.

We are thrilled to have Mango join our flock and look forward to the many joyful moments and adventures we will share together. We can't wait to see what the future holds for this vibrant Moluccan Cockatoo.

Stay tuned for more updates on Mango's antics and adventures!

If you want to learn more about Mango, check out his introductory video on YouTube: