You could win some great Max Merch with this fun Valentine's day contest.

Can you figure out who Max, Tycho, Tikal and Mango choose as their Valentine this year?

Clues can be found on our YouTube, InstaFlock and FaceBeak videos, stories and posts between now and February 14th. You might even find a clue on our website. When you think you have it figured out enter below.

If you change your mind come back and resubmit your entry (we will count your most recent entry as your final choice).

A draw will be made from all of the correct entries. (You will receive one entry for each correct Valentine match, and a bonus entry if you get all four correct). Contest will close Friday, February 16th at midnight (MST), and winners will be announced during our Saturday Stream.

Max is sharing the love with everybirdie this Valentine's Day!

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Entry Form

Make your picks for who you think Tycho, Max, Tikal and Mango picked as their Valentine this year, and beak submit! (Only make one selection for each bird).